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So, I'm literally having a Gaga moment... DYK Lady Gaga used to write hit songs for other artists like Britney Spears, The Pussycat Dolls and New Kids on the Block, just to name a few. That was before she decided to step out to claim what was meant for her and take the world by storm! Entering into the Ultimate Stylist Challenge has made me realize just how much work I've actually put in to becoming an Ultimate Stylist! For well over a decade I've been working behind the scenes to style everyone from the hottest bartenders in Toronto to the hottest models gracing the centerfolds of the world's most sought after magazines. I even hosted my own Miss Got Sexy Fashion Show way back in 2009!

GOT SEXY Clothing

Arriving at The Paradise Challenge, I remember there were two line ups for Playboy Mexico. One for the models to register and the other for the media. When it was my turn, the lady filling out the paperwork looked up with a smirk and asked, "Are you here to be a model or a photographer?" Glancing over at the ginormous Nikon I was lugging around and having waited patiently in the media line for well over 45 hot minutes,and being a quirky Aquarius... clearly I was there to be a photographer... "Are you sure ...?" she chuckled..

"Can I do both?" I asked with quiet determination. "If you pay twice.. possibly." Looking back on all the time I've spent doing free promo work, I kind of wish I had changed my mind in that moment and just gone with being a model. I probably would have gained a lot more recognition for all of my hard work. I shot well over 20 models that week. Nevermind packing any extra cool swag for myself to rock, I filled my suitcase up with cute swimsuits to adorn these extra fine humans in, extra makeup and of course photoshoot jazz! A few hot messes would always find me before sunrise, after a long night of partying, knowing I could fix smudged makeup and running mascara and click some fresh ultra glamorous golden hour shots before the partying started all over again. And I loved every moment of it! I adored these women!

Upon returning home I spent the following weeks working with PIN ME UP Studios, rushing to retouch and edit like a zillion photos... until my eyeballs almost fell out of my head! It can literally take hours to retouch just one photo to get it ready for press... but you think a b*tch could shout a b*tch out? Ha ha It might sound a bit harsh but I worked my ass off! And for what? We were supposed to be doing this excursion for networking and exposure... so where was the love? And some of the other photographers were even very cruel to me, making fun of the way I liked to shoot. It is my art, my expression. Why can't they just staying in their own lane? Now I realize it's because I was actually really good... I was the only woman photographer trying to fit into a Only Boys Club. They were intimidated by a woman having an eye and an appreciation for another woman's body. Who does she think she is trying to shoot with the most beautiful women in the world? The nerve of her!

And the cherry on top was that I actually paid to be there. Oh well... at least it was fun! No hard feelings. Que sera sera

Some examples of my work

FYI: Girls Can Do Anything Boys Can Do! And We Can Do It In High Heels... Except Skateboard... We're Not Dumb!

Needless to say, I've definitely learnt some very valuable lessons in self love from my past experiences. Most notably, if your good at something don't do it for free. Money is energy. Don't sell yourself short. No one places much value on freebies. They won't see the hours of work you put into trying to make something great. And don't expect people to return the same efforts that you put forth. If you're going to do something for free, do it from your heart, because you want to but don't expect anything in return because it's not likely to be reciprocated, no matter how grand the gesture. And the sucker punch of them all, well just because you work really hard at something doesn't guarantee success. I don't mean to sound pessimistic, that's just the reality of this world.

I remember shortly after the winner was announced, I overheard a conversation that I'll never forget. Clearly I don't know the dynamics of everything that transpired, but it was last year's winner who stormed up to the organizer of the event. She was sobbing and wanted to know why she didn't win. She wasn't looking for pity - she was looking for the technicalities of whatever she had done wrong so she could learn not to make the same mistakes ever again. A real bossbabe. And his reply was, "But you won last year..." Now, I don't know about you, but that was like a slap in the face. I'm sure that if you had told this poor girl that she had no chance of winning the title again that she would have preferred to go off to do something more productive... like sunbathing ... rather than strutting around in a tiny bikini and 12" stilettos on show for your event... I understood that she was the hostess of the event because she had won the previous year, which was cool... but why have her compete? It's hard work being a competitor. Why get her hopes up just to burst her bubble? Anyways, that's just another example of some unjust thing I just didn't understand.

So becoming a famous Playboy photographer was not in the cards pour moi! Lol Nonetheless I am grateful for all of my adventures, experiences and lessons that made me into the strong fempreneur that I am today. Sometimes I think that I may be an overly optimistic person, who just keeps on getting back up after every epic fail. As long as there is breath in me I will not stop trying to be the best version of me that I can be! Most very successful people have failed multiple times before attaining their success. But imagine if they had quit right before that last try... And I don't even look at these lessons as failures, but more like learning curves and stepping stones. The road to success is never a straight line. I may have fallen from a few cliffs but I'm still alive and I refuse to quit. I wake up everyday with a grateful heart knowing each day is a blessing. I believe the universe sees all of our efforts and good deeds. And I do believe in karma. And just like Lady Gaga, what is meant for me will always be for me.

I'm still in the running to bring home the title of The Ultimate Stylist or 2022! Vote for Your Girl Right NOW! I appreciate all of your kind support more than you'll ever know! With every vote you're making me feel seen and validating what I've always known deep down - that my art and forms of expression thru makeup, hairstyle and photography rule and the Only Boys Club drools! Ha ha! Vote for Free Once Daily OR Be Fearless and purchase Fearless Votes! You'll be helping to support Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation in creating a kinder, braver world! It's because of Lady Gaga's story that I decided to have the courage to also step out to be seen.

I may not be a hairstylist working at a chic salon, but I am a glamour photographer who can help you to create any look you are going for! With experience in everything from Bridal to Boudoir and even Festival and Otherworldly Cosplay Artistry, I can help you get featured in the press/media and popular blogs with High-End Magazine Quality Images, turning your visions into reality! So be fearless and never stop dreaming! And if you like my vibe subscribe to the rainbow tribe! Check Out My Ultimate Stylist Portfolio


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